The PEVS Travel First Aid Kit

The PEVS Travel First Aid Kit

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First aid kits are an imperative part of a well-managed stable. Though your veterinarian is always on call, having a thorough knowledge of emergency and critical care for your horse and being prepared with an appropriately stocked first aid kit could save your horse in case of an emergency. It is important to think about where your first aid kit will be stored before determining what it will contain. You may consider having a first aid kit for any trucks/trailers used to transport horses, one first aid kit for the barn, and a  small kit available for trail rides. Creating multiple kits increases the chance of having the needed supplies in an emergency. The first aid kit that is stored in your stable will likely be larger and have a more robust set of medications and tools. Your trailer and saddlebag kits will require that you be more selective, and closely monitor the shelf life of medications- if they are exposed to extreme temperatures the efficacy may be compromised prior to the expiration date.


This Travel Kit contains:

(2) Rolls of VetWrap

(2) Rolls of Elastikon Tape

One pound tub of Nitrofurazone ointment

KineticVet Vetasan Antiseptic Spray

HealthyHorse Electrolytes Paste 60cc syringe