Pentosan Polysulfate (PPS) 250mg/ml - Individual 6ml vial

Pentosan Polysulfate (PPS) 250mg/ml - Individual 6ml vial

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Pentosan is an aid for horses in the treatment of non-infectious, inflammatory joint disease. 

Pentosan is a polymer produced from xylan, which is a complex hemicellulose extract from the beechwood plant and helps preserve cartilage and improve joint health.  Helps horses with osteoarthritis, especially with involvement of multiple joints, osteochondrosis dissecans and peri-articular inflammation. Additionally, used to replace synovial fluid lost during surgery for horses.

PPS stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans and increases the amount of these substances incorporated into the extracellular matrix; this is the supporting structure of the cartilage that makes up the joint's weight-bearing surface. Athletic use over time tends to cause progressive osteoarthritis or joint wear and tear, and it's the slow loss of proteoglycans from the cartilage matrix that weakens the joint's structure and causes lameness and loss of athletic use. The drug's ability to replace these components within the matrix is instrumental to its capacity to halt the progression of arthritis.

PPS also stimulates synovial fibroblasts (cells that make up the joint capsule) to produce increased amounts of high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid. These actions improve the viscosity and volume of the joint fluid that lubricates and stabilizes the joint and helps limit further degradation of joint cartilage. Additionally, PPS inhibits and modulates inflammatory mediators including histamine, serotonin, superoxide free radicals and proteins of the complement system, which have all been implicated in the degradation of cartilage matrix.

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